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My name is Ashly, Art was always an interest of mine. I was taking an art class in high school and I had taken a painting class but I couldn't get into it. I loved drawing with a pencil and paper much more, it was so easy to me then. When I was 19 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I lost function of my legs and hands. It took about 1 year to recover mobility. Even though I recovered most mobility my balance and coordination were still a little off. I tried drawing a few times but it was so hard to get my hands to do what my mind was thinking. I thought I would never be able to draw like I used too, so I stopped trying. A few years past then one day my mom invited me to go to a paint party. With much hesitation I went anyway. Not knowing at the time this night really changed my life. We learned how to paint these beautiful abstract flowers. I loved that not every stoke had to be perfect and at the end it still had a beautiful result. After that night I began watching all types of abstract painting techniques. I became really interested in acrylic pouring. I failed a few times when I first tried but I got the hang of it finally.I then learned about string pull art and resin. I still have a lot I want to learn with art and that excites me even more to create.

Yellow Roses


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